Monday, December 3, 2012

CB750 Progress

I've been tinkering with this 1977 CB750 for the better part of a year now, plagued by the lack of a good workspace. Now that I'm settled down into the storage container, I'd like to finally get it wrapped up. It was a fun runner for a while in a more or less stock state.

Then the transmission shit the bed so I decided to chop it in half.
Then it was a roller for quite some time and not a lot happened with it.

I built a coffin tank and a sissy bar for it and put some 4" over fork tubes. A step in the right direction.

It sat like this for quite some time and now it's finally going to get finished!

Setting up shop!

I packed everything up and am moving the whole operation into an 8x20 storage container in lovely Richmond, CA. It's cozy and it's gonna work just fine. Check it out!